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Gorilla Logomark Tutorial Using CorelDraw X7

This logo design tutorial was made by Bowo Ari, who creates some really amazing logomarks, which just goes to show the potential of what you can create if you keep practising, even if you don’t use Illustrator. (Bowo uses CorelDraw X7, which is hardly considered the best logo design software, though I would definitely consider him among the best logo designers out there, along with the other designers that you’ll find on Logolemon.)

Watch the video below to learn how Bowo makes this amazing gorilla logo. (Keep in mind that in this tutorial, Bowo shows you how to create it from scratch by going over a picture of the original logo. If you were to do this yourself it would be a sketch that you would be going over.)

Now that you know how to make a professional logo like this, you can sketch your own design and then repeat the process over that!

Author: Bowo Ari

You can view Bowo’s work on his instagram page, or on his Dribbble.

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