Why you NEED to ask clients for testimonials

A testimonial is a quick sentence or two from your client to show other clients that they were pleased with the work you were able to produce.

For something so small and easy to get, they sure pack a hell of a punch.

Potential clients love freelancers with lots of good testimonials, and a lot of clients will only hire those who have them.

Just like book lovers will only buy books with good reviews, many clients will only hire freelancers with good testimonials.

Image of clients giving the thumbs up

And it makes perfect sense…

Why hire somebody who doesn’t have a proven track record of making their customers happy?

Why would a client risk time and money on an unproven designer, when there are other designers out there that have proven themselves?

The power of testimonials

According to a survey by Dimensional Research in 2013, which included responses from 1,046 participants living in the US, 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews said that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions.

Testimonials are too good to ignore.

Such a quick and easy thing to ask for at the end of each job you complete can have such a huge effect.

Designers that don’t use testimonials are leaving money on the table.

There’s no doubt about that.

It’s not only positive reviews that influence buying decisions…

86% of the participants in the study also said that their buying decisions were also influenced by negative reviews.

As a logo designer, you’ll only have to worry about this if you use services that you don’t have 100% control over.

Freelance websites, for example.

When using these services, one of your goals should always be to gain positive 5 star reviews.

If you don’t get 5 star reviews, it will stay on your record and have a negative impact on who hires you in the future.

Many great freelancers realise this, and will specifically ask clients to submit 5 star reviews if they are pleased with the result.

Freelancers that don’t do this will always be at a disadvantage.

If you work with clients directly, you won’t have to worry about this as much as you’ll have full control over what’s shown.

If for any reason they aren’t happy with your work, you can ask for their feedback and then improve upon it for next time.

How to ask for a testimonial

A good testimonial needs to say more than “Good job!”

When it comes to testimonials, the longer and more descriptive they are, the better.

However, you can’t ask someone to write more than a few lines if they aren’t a good writer.

Having a well-written testimonial is just as important as having a descriptive one.

While the gold-standard is to have a client that will write you an amazing testimonial that is filled with details of what you did right, it’s not realistic to expect all clients to be able to do this for you.

When you ask a client to write a testimonial for you, ask them to write “a sentence or two.”

When you phrase it like this, they’ll get right to the point of what you did right, which is what you want.

If they want to write more, they can.

When it comes to good testimonials, though, you’ll want to have more than just the text.

You should include both the name of the client’s business, and the logo that you designed for the business.

This gives the client an identity and increases the credibility of the testimonial in the eyes of potential clients.

Additionally, you can also include images of the design process that you used to create the logo – an image of the sketch, and then the final design for example.

This can give the client a sense of the effort that went into the design, which they really appreciate and will increase the likelihood of them becoming a repeat customer in the future.


Testimonials are pretty much an endorsement from the client that potential clients will be able to read to find out what you’re like to work with and the quality of work you are able to produce.

Testimonials are extremely important for designers, and can be the deciding factor for whether they will be hired or not.

In a world where 90% of purchasing decisions can be influenced by positive reviews, You’d almost definitely be leaving money on the table if you don’t utilise them in your own career.

All you need for a good testimonial is a sentence or two, the name of the client’s business, and an image of the finished logo design.

Take advantage of the power of testimonials and reward yourself with greater success in your logo design career!

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